Zoom Presentation - "Jardin de Nortonia: 22 Months in the Garden of Weedin' (Confirmed; Speaker, Chris Migliaccio)

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Monday, November 20th, 2023
to (Eastern Time)

Public Welcome Free Event Program/Speaker Presentation

Join us as Chris Migliaccio, photographer and Professor Emeritus (Ecology and Environmental Science, Miami Dade College), shares practical insights and beautiful images that center on his developing garden in Henrico County. After many years of "growing native" in South Florida, Central Virginia has offered new gardening discoveries along with a new palette of plants. Professor Migliaccio's visual and scientific background lend a special perspective sure to make this a wonderful presentation. 

Members of the public who are not members of Wild Ones but would like to attend this presentation must request a meeting invitation/link. To request the link, contact the Chapter at [email protected] no later than November 15! 

This presentation will be recorded. Please note that the presentation is copyrighted by Chris Migliaccio/2023 and may be shared only with prior written permission of the author. Contact information for the author will be provided in the presentation. 

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